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The ongoing Docker drama left me wanting to control my Docker image hosting, so I went digging into the API traffic of 'docker pull'.

Turns out it's easy to use your own domain as the hostname for Docker images, all without having to self-host your own full registry:

Blogpost about Docker Hub and wider FOSS community:

(special greetings to @bagder)

oh my god, you can turn off those fucking EVIL sign in with #google popovers on random websites
> Security
> Signing in with Google
> Google Account sign-in prompts

I argue we (#curl) should NOT pay docker. Not give in to extortion. This might mean that someone else soon suddenly will register our name and can serve whatever image they want there. 5 *billion* pulls indicate there's a user or two that might fall victim for this.

That's on docker, not us.


All these years later, I just can’t get comfortable with a computer platform where you can write code for it, but the vendor gets to say whether or not people can run your code.

I thought that was wrong the day it was announced and still do.

The money says I’m in a minority. I’m comfortable with that.

The Web remains the only platform without a proprietor. Treasure it.

I did something cool but untraditional knowing in the back of my mind that App Review might reject it.

And they did making my effort wasted and ensuring I don't try drawing outside the lines for a long time.

Nothing discourages thinking different like Apple App Review.

Next guest for the Effective Android interviews⚡️🥁

@JakeWharton 🥳

Airing next week. Post your questions for him here!

I love that everyone has taken off their racism masks post-Trump.
The Wall Street Journal asks if SVB would still be around if the board was 12 white men instead of “diverse” ?

Not racist, just asking questions. 🤦🏾‍♂️

"This is a very positive signal overall. The tide is turning for interoperable social media, and that's always been the goal."

- Instance admins, upon seeing a giant wooden horse that Meta has wheeled up to Fedi's gates

JetBrains Compose 1.3.1 was released yesterday with Kotlin 1.8.10 support:

As such, a pair of related releases late last night for those needing the latest compatibility:

- Molecule 0.8.0 is the same as 0.7.1 but with the new Compose version:

- Mosaic 0.5.0 has the new Compose version along with a new `renderMosaic` function which returns a single `String` rendering of the composition for static output:

Exciting! Mastodon may soon see support for incoming rich text.

Which means that more formatting options will be seen in Mastodon.

See screenshot for what this might look like.


I have an announcement for the #Java folks. I'm writing a book about common mistakes in Java code. First four chapters are already available in Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). Use this code to get 45% discount: mlvaleev (valid until Match 16th).

I will find this beer even if it takes me Seven Years.

> Apple had the resources needed to build a world-beating browser for many moons. The choice to ship a slower, less secure, less capable engine was precisely that: a choice.

This is by far the most astounding tech demo I’ve seen in a long time. Provides a totally different, amazing POV on how we should think about language/compiler/debugger/runtime/editor as an integrated whole.

Just released a small Molecule 0.7.1. Adds a frame clock for use in browsers, and switches to the JetBrains Compose compiler for better JS and native support.

Mosaic 0.4.0 released with support for Kotlin multiplatform! JavaScript and desktop native (matching JetBrains Compose runtime) are now supported targets in addition to the JVM.

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