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Who has used Strikt? It seems quite nice from cursory usage in a few places. Would love to hear from people who have used it widely.

Its tasteful usage of language features is appealing to me. It stands in stark contrast to that other popular testing library which has 10 ways to do things and needlessly makes its functions infix or operator invoke to try and look cute.

Managed to get Mosaic running on Kotlin/Native and Kotlin/JS today. Still needs some work, such as JS not observing the final state change, but everything else kinda just works.

"we pay location based salaries, to adjust for cost of living"

so, you pay disabled people more? "no" what about single parents? "also no" what about people who've paid off their mortgage, they get less, right? "as if"

ok, so you adjust the cost of living adjustments, right? "maybe we will. if it goes down"

"we just worked out the lowest we can pay people in any area and remain competitive"

it just feels more like location specific wage theft

SQLDelight 1.5.5 is out as a compatibility release for Kotlin 1.8 and IntelliJ 2021+

2.0.0-alpha05 will also come today with some fixes and compatibility.

Last few months have been impossible to get time for SQLDelight, so I want to show an immense amount of thanks to Philip Wedemann who stepped up and drove pretty much this entire release.

Public Service Announcement

Today it's only 15 years left until the end of the (signed) 32bit UNIX Epoch. It is likely that the first devices that will be in active use in 2038 are beginning development now.

The UNIX ecosystem is surely ready for larger than 32bit timestamps?

evil, deep laughter

Paparazzi 1.2 is out! 📸

More customization to snapshot only your UI components or hide the system UI altogether!

Also, support for Electric Eel layoutlib, SDK 33, OnBackPressedDispatcherOwner, and a huge memory leak fix.

I was a bit annoyed that Common Kotlin lacked even basic support for Unicode code points. So I created a small Kotlin Multiplatform library to fix that.


Mosaic 0.3.0 released with Kotlin 1.8 support and a new `Static` composable for permanent output.

Molecule 0.7.0 released with support for Kotlin 1.8.0 (via Compose compiler 1.4.0).

New post: Using jlink to cross-compile minimal JREs

I've been doing this inside Docker containers for a while to keep their size down, but recently needed it to target an embedded Linux ARM device with only 100MiB of storage.

(This was free in a large batch of used books and it went immediately into the trash to spare anyone else from seeing it)

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I think we're at the point that we can stop crossposting from Twitter y'all

Today we closed a bug in chromium that has been open for 13 years, 11 months and 22 days

MathML support in Chromium ships today with 109!

Had all kinds of problems inserting directly into the Mastodon DB. For some reason links weren't becoming linkified (this is separate from the preview card).

I switched to patching the Mastodon app to allow creating statuses with a timestamp through the API: The idea came from someone else's import tool:

Links now work, and we get all kinds of things for free like those link preview cards. Support for media and threaded replies are up next.

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Kotlin 1.8 is now available on @compiler_explorer! My first (very, very small) contribution to the project.

🦀📕 All chapters of my book, Rust Atomics and Locks, are now freely available online:

Enjoy! ✨

If anyone says "we can't fix that security vulnerability, it will break the API", I let them know I'm responsible for breaking 20% of the Java ecosystems supply chain by encouraging Maven Central & other major java ecosystem artifact servers to drop support for HTTP in favor of HTTPS back in 2020

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