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WebKit is bringing Web Push to iOS home screen web apps, with a full suite of native-like functionality including badging and focus modes. Read all about it:

If this page looks better in the app, then you need to stop preventing your web team from doing their job properly.

If, on the other hand, this page extracts more data and achieves more lock-in in the app, please stop lying about your reasons.

Just released v0.1.0 of Cite, a Kotlin compiler plugin for embedding information about the source file being compiled. Try it out!

Mocks in tests are mostly a happy story you are telling to yourself. In the better case, you're repeating what you've expressed yourself before in your actual code. In the worst case, you're retelling someone else's story, without being quite sure about all its details.

When I was on Twitter I would often think of a joke, search for it, and then retweet the first/best version of it. But there's no global or even local search here. So if I post a joke but someone has already done it that I haven't seen that's okay, right? We both get partial credit or something.

Also, unrelated, I invented some cool, totally brand new math recently that I'm calling Calculus.

Currently stuck in analysis paralysis, but I'm not sure what to do about that either.

Happy Friday. Delete work Slack from your phone. You don't need it.

I'm signed in through the browser on my phone just in case. Slack is so face-punchingly awful on mobile browsers that you will never use it except for emergency meme posting (and even then it'll be a challenge).

A few weeks ago I saw a discussion around here about how custom share sheets are bad. It reminded me how at Pocket we went from a custom share sheet to the native one. And how we were able to customise it to meet some requirements that originally pushed us towards a custom sheet.

I decided to write about it. So today I'm honoured to be a guest author on (and anxious about blogging for the first time in.. checks notes.. 8 years).

Interop 2023 is ON 🥳

Check out the dashboard to see what Microsoft, Apple, Bocoup, Google, Igalia, and Mozilla will be working on this year to help with interoperability of the web:

And check out the announcements here:

- Microsoft:

- Apple:

- Bocoup:

- Google:

- Igalia:

- Mozilla:

You can now add up to four social account links to your GitHub profile which render with a sprinkling of formatting support for our most popular platforms. Yes, the resulting links links will satisfy Mastodon verification requirements when rendered.

To get started, visit your profile and click the "Edit profile" button in the sidebar.

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It's never too early to start subpixel layout education

"Fuck around and find out" is not a cautionary tale or a warning. It's a guide. Fuck around with things. Find out how they work.

Who has used Strikt? It seems quite nice from cursory usage in a few places. Would love to hear from people who have used it widely.

Its tasteful usage of language features is appealing to me. It stands in stark contrast to that other popular testing library which has 10 ways to do things and needlessly makes its functions infix or operator invoke to try and look cute.

Managed to get Mosaic running on Kotlin/Native and Kotlin/JS today. Still needs some work, such as JS not observing the final state change, but everything else kinda just works.

"we pay location based salaries, to adjust for cost of living"

so, you pay disabled people more? "no" what about single parents? "also no" what about people who've paid off their mortgage, they get less, right? "as if"

ok, so you adjust the cost of living adjustments, right? "maybe we will. if it goes down"

"we just worked out the lowest we can pay people in any area and remain competitive"

it just feels more like location specific wage theft

SQLDelight 1.5.5 is out as a compatibility release for Kotlin 1.8 and IntelliJ 2021+

2.0.0-alpha05 will also come today with some fixes and compatibility.

Last few months have been impossible to get time for SQLDelight, so I want to show an immense amount of thanks to Philip Wedemann who stepped up and drove pretty much this entire release.

Public Service Announcement

Today it's only 15 years left until the end of the (signed) 32bit UNIX Epoch. It is likely that the first devices that will be in active use in 2038 are beginning development now.

The UNIX ecosystem is surely ready for larger than 32bit timestamps?

evil, deep laughter

Paparazzi 1.2 is out! 📸

More customization to snapshot only your UI components or hide the system UI altogether!

Also, support for Electric Eel layoutlib, SDK 33, OnBackPressedDispatcherOwner, and a huge memory leak fix.

I was a bit annoyed that Common Kotlin lacked even basic support for Unicode code points. So I created a small Kotlin Multiplatform library to fix that.


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