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Mosaic 0.3.0 released with Kotlin 1.8 support and a new `Static` composable for permanent output.

Molecule 0.7.0 released with support for Kotlin 1.8.0 (via Compose compiler 1.4.0).

New post: Using jlink to cross-compile minimal JREs

I've been doing this inside Docker containers for a while to keep their size down, but recently needed it to target an embedded Linux ARM device with only 100MiB of storage.

(This was free in a large batch of used books and it went immediately into the trash to spare anyone else from seeing it)

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I think we're at the point that we can stop crossposting from Twitter y'all

Today we closed a bug in chromium that has been open for 13 years, 11 months and 22 days

MathML support in Chromium ships today with 109!

Had all kinds of problems inserting directly into the Mastodon DB. For some reason links weren't becoming linkified (this is separate from the preview card).

I switched to patching the Mastodon app to allow creating statuses with a timestamp through the API: The idea came from someone else's import tool:

Links now work, and we get all kinds of things for free like those link preview cards. Support for media and threaded replies are up next.

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Kotlin 1.8 is now available on @compiler_explorer! My first (very, very small) contribution to the project.

🦀📕 All chapters of my book, Rust Atomics and Locks, are now freely available online:

Enjoy! ✨

If anyone says "we can't fix that security vulnerability, it will break the API", I let them know I'm responsible for breaking 20% of the Java ecosystems supply chain by encouraging Maven Central & other major java ecosystem artifact servers to drop support for HTTP in favor of HTTPS back in 2020

New blog post, the faker's guide to reading x86 assembly language!

Reading assembly language is an important skill not just for reverse engineering but also for anyone who debugs hard problems in native code. A lot of folks are scared of assembly language, but it's not as hard to read as you might think, and a lot easier than writing.

Working on a wildly hacky Tweet importer for preserving/continuing conversations. It writes directly into the backing Mastodon database so it's really only an option for self-hosted users.

My first import:

I just published the very first Redwood release: v0.1.0!

Redwood is our Kotlin multiplatform library and tooling for binding to platform-native UI using Compose.

There's still no docs or anything, but we wanted to start doing regular releases before the end of the year. And, well, today's our last working day of the year so it goes out today.

You can learn more about what Redwood is by watching the talk @jessewilson and I gave at Droidcon NYC:

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