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So I understand that the bird site has started blocking links to common/known Mastodon instances, and that doesn't seem like free speech to me. So... I did a thing.

If you go to it is now a URL shortener that blocks the twitter user agent. That means you can share that link that will redirect to your Mastodon account without the pouty baby stopping you. If you find this helpful can you boost so others can find it? #TwitterMigration #Mastodon #Musk #introduction

I've read many requests to add Mastodon links to GitHub profiles for verification and discovery purposes.

My team is working on allowing you to add a number of social profile links, but given upcoming holiday vacations, it won't ship until the new year. We don't want to rush something out at the potential cost of disrupting what is generally a quiet time for our engineers.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't talk about in progress work on social media, but y'all seem like you can keep a secret.

They're not going to block And while no one likes people who still use for normal links, at least you can get the link out there (ideally with adjacent plain text '' reference as well).

If you’re going to leave Twitter, please don’t
a) delete your account, because someone bad will steal your handle
b) delete your Tweets, because their existence doesn’t help Elon and it’s like burning the Library of Alexandria.

Twitter captures a real-time historical record of a couple of decades and the billions of individuals’ snapshots are irreplaceable.

The thought of all those tweets being erased makes me feel physically sick.

[please pass on if you agree.]

TIL: There is a cursed color in the Kodak ProPhoto RGB color space which, when converted to sRGB using pre-August-2020-Security-Update Android's image conversion routines, causes an integer overflow and a crash due to a rounding error. Some dude accidentally created an image ( which contains the cursed color on a single pixel. In 2020 if you set this image as your desktop on a Google or Samsung device, the device would brick & lose all onboard data

Just got a new Mac? Take 5 minutes and move all your source code to a case-sensitive file system symlinked to your normal folder and save yourself some headaches.

Got an old Mac? Take 5 minutes and move all your source code to a case-sensitive file system symlinked to your normal folder and save yourself some headaches.

Blog post: A Secret Apple Silicon Extension to Accommodate an Intel 8080 Artifact

I've made a post to share a fascinating little detail of Apple's M1 design so well explained to me by @dougall, as a follow-up to his Rosetta 2 deep-dive blog post.

"From where do you think Santa derives his powers, child?"

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If you leave me in charge of the Elf-on-a-shelf then you get what you get.

The Continuity of Splines spoilers 

Did not expect to laugh this hard in an otherwise dry mathematical video.

The Continuity of Splines is now on YouTube!!

it has been a year in the making, goodness ;-;🎉 I hope you'll like it ❤

Eagerly awaiting the two-steps-forward part of this process.

So here's the thing. You can only violate people's legal rights and your own word so far before they lawyer up and come after you.

I really do hope Musk changes his mind and does the right thing - the employees deserve that. But it'll be fun as hell if he doesn't.

Android 13 is the first Android release where a majority of new code added to the release is in a memory safe language

why call it bird site when ‘the fowl place’ is right there and a much better pun

Finally December which means holiday hoodie season can begin.

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