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Molecule 0.6.0 released.

Support for Kotlin 1.7.20 and fixes for JS and native targets. Enjoy!

I have decided against using content warnings (for library releases) for now because of how they render in the official Android app. The original intent was as a visual space-saving mechanism, but the official Android client still renders the post as full size but with a giant centered overlay. The official web client does much better by only displaying the warning part and then expanding. Unsure of other clients.

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Did you know that if you capitalize each word in a multi-word hashtag, #ScreenReaders can read them as words, but if you leave them lowercase, they can't? Well, now you know! So, for #accessibility, please capitalize words when there's more than one in a hashtag.

#MastodonTip #TwitterMigration

According to the ACLU, many of you can still register to vote TODAY (if you haven't already):

🗳️New Hampshire
🗳️New Mexico

Remember, remember, that you have to `remember { }`

Finally got my new keyboard for Android development.

(By Felix the Cassowary - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Ok, Mastodon is officially a lot more awesome than I had realised. There's a federated server for everyone who's really into bitcoin, and, yes, it is full of people who are as awful as you can imagine. But, with one click, you can block the entire domain! 12.8k thousand crypto weirdos filtered out in a click. Amazing.

Should I use the content warning feature for library release announcements? Reply with any reasoning for vote.

Example using it:

Example not using it:

Turbine 0.12.1 released 

- Build with Kotlin 1.7.20

- `takeItem()` no longer throws an exception when returning a `null` value.
- `await`-prefixed methods no longer interfere with virtual time control from a `TestScheduler` (such as inside `runTest`).

For anyone feeling self hosting curious with mastodon I wrote up some notes from standing my instance up:


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