I will find this beer even if it takes me Seven Years.

Mosaic 0.4.0 released with support for Kotlin multiplatform! JavaScript and desktop native (matching JetBrains Compose runtime) are now supported targets in addition to the JVM.


Just released v0.1.0 of Cite, a Kotlin compiler plugin for embedding information about the source file being compiled. Try it out!


It's never too early to start subpixel layout education

Mosaic 0.3.0 released with Kotlin 1.8 support and a new `Static` composable for permanent output.


Working on a wildly hacky Tweet importer for preserving/continuing conversations. It writes directly into the backing Mastodon database so it's really only an option for self-hosted users.

My first import: mastodon.jakewharton.com/@jw/8

Done after ~18 hours!

Start: 69,666 followers
End: 3 followers(!?)

No matter how hard I try those three don't go away. It was four and then one dropped off. So it'll probably happen eventually.

Had to fix rate limiting check (off-by-one), add support for 404s (followers can return deleted users), add support for 503s (service unavailable).

Never hit a rate limit despite ~4,000 block/unblock calls per hour.

My API keys were inexplicably purged halfway through. Had to make new ones to finish.

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In addition to highlighting one or more lines in a GitHub link, you apparently can highlight from/to columns within those lines. I can't quite figure out how to do columns from the UI, but I somehow did it once accidentally.

Example from manually manipulating the URL: github.com/square/okhttp/blob/

If you leave me in charge of the Elf-on-a-shelf then you get what you get.

The Continuity of Splines spoilers 

Did not expect to laugh this hard in an otherwise dry mathematical video.

Eagerly awaiting the two-steps-forward part of this process.

Finally December which means holiday hoodie season can begin.

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