Having finally finished the Dune 2 & 3 books, I get to enjoy the treat that is the second installment of the early 2000s Sci-Fi miniseries which covers them. It has horrifically dated CGI and takes shockingly little liberties on the bonkers source material. It is somehow both not good, and also very good.

@jw are the 2nd and 3rd books worth it? I'm really on the fence about reading them

@seb Book 2 isn't so great. Feels like it's just setting up the next one. The third was good, though. It ratchets up the level of ridiculousness of stuff going on.

@jw even more camp than the whole premise? Ahahah wow

@jw It was a cultural “moment” 🙂 which is the only part that felt good (for me). Not sure where you stand on the current reincarnations but nothing has me more excited for upcoming one.

@kaush I would have read the original book for the first time in 2004, so totally missed these mini-series. I'm very excited for the new one, but haven't decided whether I want to watch today's trailer or not.

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