Happy Friday. Delete work Slack from your phone. You don't need it.

I'm signed in through the browser on my phone just in case. Slack is so face-punchingly awful on mobile browsers that you will never use it except for emergency meme posting (and even then it'll be a challenge).

@jw a few years ago I did the same thing with Twitter to reduce my usage.

@tarreas That mostly works, but if you open the app it will still show you a big red circle around the workspace tempting you in.

@jw @tarreas I'm guessing you use Slack for personal stuff. Most people only have their work account so turning on DnD is good enough.

@jw I don't agree. I have a work profile on my Android phone where Slack is installed. The profile is turned on/off automatically via Digital Wellbeing. I'm not tempted to open it in my free time.

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