(This was free in a large batch of used books and it went immediately into the trash to spare anyone else from seeing it)

@jw Or: "A Significant and Pointless Part of Why the Oceans Rose, Kiddo"


Generational ponzi...it's not enough that we suckered your parents, we also need you, kids

@someguyjg That is an example of a good one which has also been on my wishlist for a while!

@jw it's better than it has any right to be and my baby was very interested in the lights and clicky buttons.

@friendlymike Yeah I (thankfully) saw they have ones that actually aren't terrible, too. Might have to find some.

@jw Ugh my in-laws gave us the ____ for Babies box set and I made a noise when I saw this one in particular

@jw Wow. What is this? Ripoffs for rug rats? Cons for children?

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