I just published the very first Redwood release: v0.1.0!

Redwood is our Kotlin multiplatform library and tooling for binding to platform-native UI using Compose.

There's still no docs or anything, but we wanted to start doing regular releases before the end of the year. And, well, today's our last working day of the year so it goes out today.

You can learn more about what Redwood is by watching the talk @jessewilson and I gave at Droidcon NYC:

@jw @jessewilson Congrats! Besides missing docs what would you say are the most significant features missing/blocking using it in production?

@benedictpregler @jw

It’s a lot of work to get started because it doesn’t include widget bindings.

We’re also still adjusting the (optional) integration with Zipline.

@jw Such an amazing Library! I eagerly wait for next releases!

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