Finally December which means holiday hoodie season can begin.


Exhausted the holiday cars. Onto holiday bands.

@jw were you into The Sound of Animals Fighting? I'm really digging their new EP.

@danh32 I had heard of them but didn't ever listen to any of it.

With the new EP I am now listening to it and plus all the older stuff. And yeah, the new one is great.

Anthony Green also did LS Dunes this year but after a few listens I'm kinda meh on it. He did Fucking Whatever with Taking Back Sunday a year or two ago which I thought was good. And then supposedly there's new Saosin in the works which I'm eager for as I really enjoyed the album they put out with him again a few years back now.

@jw nice! The Tiger and the Duke is my favorite full-length from The Sound of Animals Fighting.

I somehow missed both LS Dunes and Fucking Whatever. Anthony Green is one busy fella!

@jw Since seeing this Finnish christmas figure called Joulupukki (christmas goat) being shared here the other day, the idea of ordering a custom a holiday hoodie/t-shirt with the print has not left me.

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