In ~24 hours my Twitter account is going to stop following all accounts, will force-remove all of its followers, and keep a tool running to remove any new ones.

This will keep existing tweets up to preserve external links and allow other's retweets and favorites to remain. But mine will have a nice clean 0 for followers and following.

The tool I slapped together in an hour is at if you want to do the same, although admittedly its first production test will be tomorrow 🤞

@jw Heya Jake, I'm just curious as to why you're going to all the trouble? I didn't see anything about that in the Readme.

Most of the people I know are just using Moa to echo messages back and forth and encourage others to migrate to Mastodon.


@Scott Using moa encourages people to stay on Twitter. That is the opposite of what I would like to do.

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