"Over the course of two years, we developed Nullsafe, a static analyzer for detecting NPE errors in Java, integrated it into the core developer workflow, and ran a large-scale code transformation to make many million lines of Java code Nullsafe-compliant."

@jw I didn't see a link to use this externally :(

Checkerframework is nice, but it performs badly with my sum types to the point that it's unusable.

@heathborders I've only ever used NullAway from Uber back when I was doing Java. We still have it in some of our open source projects that are Java. Hopefully it'll be open source eventually. At the very least, there will be many JSpecify-compliant tools soon enough.

@jw @heathborders I haven't seen a great selling point of this over NullAway? I just dropped NullAway into our code in the last month to help allow our contractors to work on the long-tail Kotlin migrations safely.

@kurtisnelson @heathborders You would have to ask them. Presumably they don't use error-prone so that's going to be one significant difference already.

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