A lot of clients don’t expose it but you can turn off boosts for people you follow on the Mastodon webapp. I did this a fair bit with retweets and it’s a good way to keep your timeline tighter


@dankim and if it's only a single or a few accounts that is being boosted you can also mute just those specific accounts to still see their other boosts. Curation like this is definitely key to a healthy timeline.

@jw @dankim yeah so many great options like blocking domains or keyword filtering as well.

@andrewgiang @dankim I sleep well knowing I'll never see another "caturday" post. While I'm sure others subscribe to the hashtag and want to see them all.

@jw @dankim the biggest issue I have now is replies being disconnected from the post they're replying to until you click in. "View more tweets" was an amazing feature for keeping the timeline clean. Overall happy with mastodon but thats the biggest thing i miss

@alec @jw @dankim I agree! It’s like dropping into the middle of a thought without context

@alec @dankim I'm also seeing the same status boosted multiple times. I have the setting enabled which is supposed to reduce it, but the threshold is noticeably lower than whatever Twitter's implementation of this was.

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